LeRoy City Lines Commuter Service

The 31 passenger 'executive coach' and its 23 passenger sibling make two morning and afternoon trips for riders to Rochester's Saint Marys Hospital  and Downtown near the Mayo Clinic Center. The morning route starts (as of Sep) at Route 63 Travel Center in Chester, IA continues to LeRoy near the newspaper office and then to Grand Meadow opposite Glynn's. Typical ride time is about an hour.
Print a full page size flyer of the new schedule.
Both busses are also available for special trips and charters.

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  • This is the spacious and comfortable interior of the newest 23 passenger bus. Like its 31 passenger sibling, it has reclining seats with overhead bins and on-board Wi-Fi.

  • Riders these past several months have have loved the comfy interior and quiet ride in the 31 passenger bus with its overhead bins and on-board Wi-Fi.

  • Downtown Rochester Stop, adjacent to Mayo Center -- mixed into the lineup of big yellow coaches.

  • Need we say more? Keep in touch while you are on the move.

  • With a wheel chair lift, this bus can also serve our elderly and handicapped folks on special trips, or during the am or pm trips to Rochester for clinic appointments or ??

Charters & Special Trips

Both busses available for charters.

Recent trips have taken kids to events, seniors to the fair, casino runs, and more.
Is your trip on the list?  We are happy to book short mid-day trips Mon-Fri plus evening and weekend charters.
Send us an email with your request and phone number to check on dates and price.
Tickets (Passes)
  • Monthly pass for $219
  • 10-ride pass for $86
  • Single ride for $10

Prices are equal to commuter service at Spring Valley.

Where to purchase tickets

  • LeRoy & Grand Meadow city halls and Route 63 in Chester, IA
  • Single ride also from bus driver.
  • Mayo employees may purchase monthly or 10-ride passes through Mayo's commuter program which qualify for subsidies up to $80/mo.

LeRoy City Lines is owned and operated by the City of LeRoy's Economic Development Authority.
The purpose is to benefit EVERYBODY in our region, not just employees of Mayo.

 2 Morning Schedules

Chester: 5:10 am
LeRoy: 5:25 am
Saint Marys Hospital: 6:15 am
Downtown Rochester: 6:20 am

Chester:  6:10 am
LeRoy: 6:25 am
Grand Meadow: 6:45 am
Saint Marys Hospital: 7:15 am
Downtown Rochester: 7:20 am

2 Afternoon Schedules

Saint Marys Hospital: 4:05 pm
Downtown Rochester: 4:12 pm
Grand Meadow: 4:45 pm (if needed)
LeRoy: 5:05 pm
Chester: 5:15 pm

Saint Marys Hospital: 5:05 pm
Downtown Rochester: 5:12 pm
Grand Meadow: 5:45 pm
LeRoy: 6:05 pm
Chester: 6:15 pm

We are growing again....!
Routes extended to Chester IA in Sep.

All routes are being extended down to Route 63 Travel Plaza in Chester IA  to serve commuters who have had to drive to Spring Valley to catch the big yellow bus there.  Our bus travel time to and from Chester will match the times going through Stewartville, Racine ending at Spring Valley because we go through LeRoy and Grand Meadow instead.